How We Work podcast
Video created for the How We Work podcast. Audio edited in Adobe Audition and video edited in Adobe Premiere.
Technology ABM video
Technology ABM video created for Workhuman using Adobe Premiere from footage shot by the video team and stock footage.
Jessica Szohr and Anne Winters interview
Interview from the press junket of The Orville: New Horizons with Jessica Szohr and Anne Winters.
The Adventures of PB and Rob - announcement promo
Short promo created for social media to announce The Adventures of PB and Rob podcast.
Roger Craig Smith - episode teaser
Video created for social media to promote an upcoming episode with guest Roger Craig Smith.
Paul Lieberstein WHL social promo
Video created for Workhuman to promo Workhuman Live. Edited in Adobe Premiere.
Quantum Drive - announcement promo
Short promo created for social media to announce the Quantum Drive podcast.
The Adventures of PB and Rob - episode promo
Episode promotion for The Adventures of PB and Rob podcast. Created using the combination of Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and After Effects.
PAX Online 2020 panel
Panel recorded for PAX Online 2020. Video and audio were all recorded remotely. Editing done in Adobe Premiere using a combination of this footage and video game footage. Layouts designed in Photoshop.
The Business Brew
Video and audio recordings for The Business Brew podcast were provided separately. Videos were placed in side-by-side format, after which editing was then completed.
The Hall of Comics commercial
Video is a combination of my photography/editing and assets provided by DC Comics. Voice over recorded and edited by me.
Quantum Drive clip
Using a clip from the Quantum Drive podcast and footage from an episode of The Orville surrounded by a visual layout I designed.
Ghostrunner - interview
Filmed by me at PAX East 2020. Audio and video edited by me from a combination of shot footage and provided gameplay footage.
Wheel of GeekGen Christmas special
Recorded with remote guests online. Edited by me utilizing graphics created by me and found online, along with clips from television and movies. Commissioned theme music and game software.
Capcom Showcase TikTok promo
Video created for Capcom to promote their showcase. Audio edited in Adobe Audition and video edited in Adobe Premiere.
How We Work - audiogram
Audiogram created for the How We Work podcast using a combination of Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects.
Westerly Fitness Member Spotlight - Michelle Sammataro
Video filmed on location at Westerly Fitness. Camera work, recording, editing, and graphics all completed by me.
Geek News Brief - 8/11/2021
Recorded voice over, compiled news and assets, and edited together using a combination of footage recorded from Animal Crossing. Transition and end screen assets created using Envato Elements templates.
Quick Look - Operation: Tango
Gameplay filmed remotely on separate PCs from two different perspectives with voice recorded directly onto the video. Views from each player are edited to cut back and forth between the two perspectives seamlessly.
Saint Bridget School annual fund
Client provided most of the video assets for my editing. Worked with the school principal to remotely record and edit the voice over.